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Siege Overview

Last night, on Sunday 23rd February 2014, 0MG took on harsh competition during the sieges. We started our antics by striking fear into the Coalition; a rag tag band of vicious mercenaries, hell bent on the defence of Oren. We then moved onto Schuttgart and came to the aid of DeathWish. DeathWish turned the castle over to 0MG and sealed our allegiance for the foreseeable future. Emnity made a desperate attempt to defeat the legendary 0MG, but could not stand against them or their allies... here is the full report.

The Siege of Oren Castle

After gathering en masse at the North Gate of Oren Town, 0MG moved out to the siege field. We engaged several mercenaries during our climb up the hill. Disadvantaged as we were, the opposition stood no chance against our skill, despite their supperior numbers. Erecting a field Outpost, SeanTron commanded his Siege Commander iGitRDone to lead 0MG into the castle.
After feigning a strike on the gates of Oren Castle, 0MG were commanded to the rear of the castle. Meeting little resistance from being fooled by the feign attack 0MG cleared the West side and moved North. Camelot had constructed a siege engine and as if a prayer had been answered, 0MG defended the area against hostiles.
Once the walls were down 0MG swept in behind Camelot and cleared the area. Once iGit had overseen the destruction of the Crystals and paved the way for Camelots victory, it was time to move on. 0MG were commanded to Schuttgart.

The Siege of Schuttgart Castle

Meeting at the West Gate of Schuttgart, 0MG moved swiftly to the castle to lend aid to DeathWish. AfterShox had beaten us to Schuttgart, but the blood drained from their faces when they witnessed our forces arrive... they knew they could not stand against the entire Kamikaze Alliance, despite outnumbering 0MG 20 to 1!
0MG moved to the castle and scoped the place out. Upon successfully deteringthe mere forces of AfterShox, 0MG scribed the castle and held fast until the arrival of Emnity
With greater numbers, more powerful weapons, enchanted armor and mediocre skill, Emnity breached the castle walls. Although far from defeat, the Kamikaze Alliance decided to use strategy against this more powerful foe. Surrendering the castle to DeathWish quickly banished Emnity from the siege field. Brains over brawns. Emnity made another attempt, but the most powerful clan on Chronos, Renovatio had heard tell of the cowardice of Emnity.
Nova Alliance members appeared on the siege field and destroyed the forces of Emnity with ease. This is because Emnity rely on equipment, and when similarly matched, their skill cannot hold against other players.

The Castle is Taken

0MG finally scribed the castle and defended against the final attempts from the other clans. Upon completion of the siege, 0MG had emerged victorious as the new owners of Schuttgart Castle, with DeathWish's blessing.


Narekelle tag I was there, and concur. Great reporting, Moroch!
BaiileeWarlock tag that is such a great report moroch! good job on this and hella good to read! <3 ...

Things to come...

Moroch tag posted Jan 31, 14
Hey guys,

Okay so here is an update on things being worked on.

Simplified Rank System
Pretty self-explanatory. I had this wonderful idea in my head about how the command structure would work but honestly.... wow. So it's a helluva lot simpler now. More to come once I post the...
Please see result here.

...New Policy
Again this is being simplified a lot. This is more for the benefit of potential recruits and explains how we don't want any d***s in clan. More to come on this later as it gets developed.
Please see result here.

More Tools
Sean and I are looking into implementing more tools into our website. I'm thinking grandiose drop calculator, gear calculators and other calculators. It may end up being just the new DKP being our only tool... but like Michaelangelo said "Better to aim too high and miss, than aim too low and hit the mark".

This has been a major bug-bear and something I've been working on for say... 2 months (lulz). This schedule WILL be implemented into our site very shortly.

So far Sean and I have only been experimenting with the security features and how to hide certain elements from prying eyes. Luckily I figured it out before him so get some pretty insane bragging rights........ not. Anyway, things will becoming a lot more exclusive gradually the more we look into things.

I had set up TeamSpeak in a REALLY nice way that forced everyone to use Push-to-Talk, higher ranks couldn't be moved by lower ranks, people who were in certain positions were automatically granted the privileges that they needed... and that's all gone pear shaped. Gradually people will be finding their TS Groups altered slightly. Example, if you are currently a TS Admin, you are likely a Leader or Officer... simply being in those groups actually grants you admin rights on the TS. So don't fear if you suddenly find you aren't an admin.... you still are.
This will just make things a lot cleaner with the groups etc.

Right then, over and out.

Stringfellow tagtagtag lookin good so far!
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